One World, One Price


International Mobile-Sim Rentals Pty Limited trading as Integrated Cellular Solutions commenced operation from 2010 with the aim of providing seamless and affordable mobile telecommunication services to the inbound and outbound international Tourist and Business Travellers. We started from a platform in Australia and is increasing our reach to different continents of the world and bringing the principle of One World, One Price to our friends and customers.


Get In Control

Always have control over your spendings and knowing your spendings. As both incoming calls and outgoing calls are prepaid, you are in control of your spending. No nasty surprises a month or two after your trip.

Quality Service

With the choosen great quality service providers, there is no loss of quality on the call connections.


Answer calls with confidence without the Caller knowing you are abroad.

Why iCells

Nowadays Banking on the internet across the world are becoming integral to the success of your business or to the integrity on the application of your monies.

It is mandatory for Banks to require mobile apps devices generating one off codes and short messages to be integrated in the same countries as to where your bank accounts are.

Many users simply lost the ability to perform internet banking once their mobile phone prepaid service becomes inactive and there are little reasons to enter into regular monthly fees post paid when many benefits such as voice and data credits would not be used.

We at Icells understands the frustration and the gravity of the lost occasioned to the bank account holder and hence offers an affordable recharge service. Provide you buy at least one product or opt to order at least one service from Icells for value within 1 year, the prepaid recharge would be free so when you bring your mobile device overseas, it would still work when you needed to.

News & Articles


  • dtac

    Travelling to Thailand

     Call rates from

    ฿ 0.99 (~AUD$0.04)

     SMS rates from

    ฿ 3.00 (~AUD$0.11)

  • China Unicom Cross Border King

    Travelling to China/HongKong/Taiwan/Japan/Macau
    China Unicom Cross Border King

     Call rates from

    $ 0.39 (~AUD$0.06)

     SMS rates from

    $ 0.50 (~AUD$0.08)

  • Lycamobile

    Travelling to United Kingdom
  • O2

    Travelling to United Kingdom

     Call rates from

    £ 0.01 (~AUD$0.02)

     SMS rates from

    £ 0.12 (~AUD$0.20)

  • Three UK

    Travelling to United Kingdom
    Three UK

     Call rates from

    £ 0.03 (~AUD$0.05)

     SMS rates from

    £ 0.02 (~AUD$0.03)

  • Amaysim

    Travelling to Australia

     SMS rates from

    $ 0.12 (~AUD$0.12)

  • HotLink

    Travelling to Malaysia

     Call rates from

    RM 0.33 (~AUD$0.10)

     SMS rates from

    RM 0.07 (~AUD$0.02)

  • Ultra Mobile - $29 Unlimited

    Travelling to United States
  • Ultra Mobile - $44 Unlimited

    Travelling to United States
  • LeFrenchMobile

    Travelling to Europe

     SMS rates from

    € 0.07 (~AUD$0.10)

  • 2 Degrees

    Travelling to New Zealand
    2 Degrees

     Call rates from

    $ 0.44 (~AUD$0.41)

     SMS rates from

    $ 0.09 (~AUD$0.08)